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Scripture Reflections

Today, our Mother Church continues to remind us that Jesus is a compassionate and loving God to all who approach Him with open minds and hearts.

There’s a saying: “A good start is a job half done.” On this first day of Jesus’ public ministry this is not just a good start but also a rousing start.

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. Have you ever felt amazed when you see something? If so, why do you feel amazed? Is it because the thing you see and observe is beyond your thinking?

One of the most important events in an Athletics competition is the relay race. And one of the most crucial moments of this race is the baton change.

One of the best experiences I had with my parents was when in 2011 I toured them for four weeks around Australia and New Zealand.

Saturday, 06 January 2024 17:03

Feast of the Epiphany - 2024

Christmas is always a feast of Light, emphasising Christ is the Light born into the world and shining in the darkness. We see lot of lights in Christmas decorations as a symbol for that meaning.

Most of us would want to have an eventful day so that we may feel that our day has been productive for us. In the gospel for today, it is an eventful day for Mary and Joseph as they presented the infant Jesus at the temple.

Saturday, 23 December 2023 07:34

The 4th Sunday of Advent - 2023

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ. Today, we celebrate the fourth Sunday of Advent. Today's Gospel invites us to concentrate on the figure of Mother Mary.

How many of us whenever Christmas comes around, can’t wait to open up our gifts? Whenever somebody hands us a gift, we try to shake it, press on it to feel what could this be.\

You can’t spell adventure, unless you begin with Advent.” Here we go, it is the second Sunday of our Advent journey/advent-ure. Hopefully, it is not just another Advent, in fact, it is a grace-filled season of preparation.

It’s now the start of another liturgical year. This year is Year B, meaning that most of the gospel readings for Sundays will come from the Gospel according to Mark and also a good number of Sundays will be coming from the Gospel according to John.

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. Today we celebrate the Feast of our Lord Jesus Christ the King of the Universe. In my opinion, there are two dimensions to today's celebration: the cosmic dimension and the eschatological dimension.

Imagine you got the windfall of a lifetime. You’ve just won the top prize in lotto, which was worth millions of dollars. What would you do with this windfall?

Our Gospel reading for this 32nd Sunday of ordinary time challenges us to be vigilant and wise. We often hear people say that “she has lots of wisdom or he has lots of knowledge”. 

In this Sunday’s second reading, Paul starts with a beautiful image of his loving tenderness to the people placed under his pastoral care: “We were gentle among you, as a nursing mother cares for her children.”

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