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Scripture Reflections

The Lord Jesus, in the Gospel passage today, inaugurates the victory over evil by organising his “crew,” that is to say, the apostles, into specific modes of acting in order to be victorious over the forces of evil and anything which is not of God. Jesus gathers his followers together and gives very clear instructions.

"For it is when I am weak that I am strong." St Paul in today’s second reading makes this extra ordinary statement which sounds a bit weird to the modern ear.

To borrow again a story from my friend, Fr Bel San Luis, there was a very devout man who is in his house when there was a huge deluge in town. The flood waters were already at the first floor so he went up.

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. Today’s Gospel tells us about how Jesus calmed the storm. It began when Jesus took His disciples to the other side of the Sea of Galilee, after teaching many people all day.

To borrow a joke from one of my favourite preachers Fr Bel San Luis, SVD, there was a young man who was praying to God. This was his prayer, “Lord, grant me the gift of patience … I want it NOW!!!” 

Today, Jesus is in fact inviting us to listen to Him and act accordingly. Thus, we will be able to do the Will of God on this earth.

This year’s readings for the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ – previously called Corpus Christi – give us a glimpse into the origins of the nature of sacrifice in the ancient religious world, when the emphasis was on the blood of ritually slaughtered animals sealing the divine / human covenant. 

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ. Today we celebrate the mystery of the Holy Trinity. This mystery is called the mystery of all mysteries because the Holy Trinity is the core or centre of our faith.

Let me start with a story that I read from an article by a good friend of mine, Fr Atilano Corcuera, SVD. A contractor was asked to make a building for homeless blind people.

Saturday, 11 May 2024 01:11

The Ascension - 2024

Today, our Mother Church celebrates the Ascension of the Lord. This is one of the great solemnities of the Church because it is one of the significant events in the resurrected life of our Lord Jesus.

In the gospel readings of this Sunday and last, Jesus keeps repeating as if begging us to remain in him as he remains in his Father.

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. In today's Gospel, Jesus affirms Himself as the true Vine. The relationship between the vine and the branches is used by Jesus to describe the relationship between Himself and His disciples.

Who is Jesus Christ? This has been an age-old question that many people, particularly theologians, have tried to answer. In the gospel of John though, we read throughout the gospel that Jesus made seven declarations about who he is.

This Sunday's reading, taken from the Gospel of Luke, follows immediately after the report of Jesus' appearance to his disciples on the road to Emmaus.

“Peace be with you.” This was the greeting of Jesus to his apostles on his first appearance after he rose from the dead. After that, his disciples were first astonished at seeing him, then he greeted them again, “Peace be with you”.

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