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Fr John Quang SVD 250

As my 20th anniversary to priesthood is approaching this year, I am tempted to look back and see for myself what I have achieved, or not achieved, and what are my hopes and dreams for my future, writes Fr John Quang SVD.

During those 20 years, I have been through a number of ministries: parish, formation, social communications, with migrant workers, provincial counsellor. Through my various ministries, I’ve found that I spend lot of time worrying about formulating vision/mission statements. These are important as far as they help us to have a purpose and show us how to gear ourselves towards that achievement. They are a means, not an end in themselves. No one dies for a statement. But people are willing to live and die for their conviction.

Henry Adler ingleburn 250The people of Holy Family Parish came together in Ingleburn recently to welcome their new parish priest, Fr Henry Adler SVD.

Holy Family Parish is a big, vibrant, multicultural parish on Sydney’s south-western outskirts, comprised of the two communities of Ingleburn and Minto.

Fr Hung Nguyen SVD 250Fr Hung Nguyen SVD has returned to the Australia Province where he undertook the Overseas Training Program some years ago, to complete English language studies before beginning his pastoral ministry.

Fr Hung’s arrival in Australia for his first missionary assignment since taking his final vows and being ordained a priest in Vietnam, was delayed by two years, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic travel restrictions.

Bathurst Island church 250The Divine Word Missionaries have accepted an invitation from Darwin Bishop Charles Gauci to take up the pastoral care of the people of the Tiwi Islands and Daly River.

The SVDS are already active in Darwin Diocese, having been present in Central Australia for the last 20 years, in Alice Springs, Santa Teresa, and in the Aboriginal Catholic Chaplaincy.

Gustys photo 250Born in East Timor and raised in Kupang, Indonesia, Agustinus ‘Gusty’ Siga Buu Araujo has arrived at Dorish Maru College in Melbourne to complete his Theological studies and formation as a Divine Word Missionary.

Gusty’s father is from Indonesia and his mother is from East Timor. When he was three years old, in 1999, the family moved from Dili to Kupang, where he grew up.

Fr Asaeli Rass SVD profile pic 250Dear Friends,

Happy Easter! Christ is risen, he is risen indeed. Alleluia.

After our last two Easters where the communal celebration of this pinnacle of our faith life was severely limited due to COVID-19, what a joy it was to gather in numbers again to welcome the Risen Lord.

Wednesday, 30 March 2022 06:49

The “Rhythms” of God - a reflection

Berninis dove of the Holy Spirit St Peters Basilica 250Every age has its own rhythms. These rhythms are influenced by the social, scientific, economic, and technological developments that take place in human life. Since ancient times, the discovery of fire changed the way our human ancestors consumed food and spent their time in the evening after the sun went down. Before writing was invented and literacy became widespread, storytelling around a common fire was likely one of the most popular evening activities, especially among preliterate and nonliterate societies, reflects Fr Anthony Le Duc SVD.

Once the printing press was invented in the 1400s, reading was incorporated into the lives of many people who were literate and could get access to books and printed materials. This one single invention was as revolutionary to the human mind as the discovery of the fire was life changing to the human physiology. And both had tremendous impact on human culture. The rhythms of human life have continued to change and evolve over the ages with each new discovery, invention, and insight into the way the world works.

Fr Joseph Vu with Inala Vietnamese community Cath Leader 250Brisbane’s vibrant and rapidly growing Vietnamese Catholic community is rejoicing as building begins on a new church and community centre that will be the heart of their worship and cultural activities, reports The Catholic Leader.

“It is wonderful – we’ve been waiting for so long, we are going to have our own place we can call home,” chair of the community’s pastoral committee Ken Huynh said.

Tin Trinh Diaconate Ordination 250SVD student Tin Trinh professed his final vows as a Divine Word Missionary this month and was ordained to the Diaconate, as three of his confreres renewed their temporary vows.

With the nation’s borders open once more, Tin’s parents were able to join him for the special occasion, travelling from Vietnam to be part of the occasion.

Fr Asaeli Rass SVD profile pic 250What does it mean to be a missionary? I’ve been contemplating that this past month, as our Australia Province has celebrated a series of first vows, temporary vow renewals and final vows.

While these celebrations of vows have been wonderful affirmations of God alive and at work in our young people, to be missionary is not just the task of the ordained or the religiously vowed.

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