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Biblical Apostolate

As Christians, we believe that the Bible reveals to us the living Word of God.

The Biblical Apostolate of the Divine Word Missionaries in Australia is a ministry of spreading the Word of God to everyone.

We are motivated in this by our founder St Arnold Janssen, who tirelessly promoted God’s Word during his lifetime. As a result of his dedication to the Word, he called his new foundation, the Society of the Divine Word.

We also take great inspiration from Dei Verbum, the statement of the Second Vatican Council (1965) which stated that "access to sacred Scripture ought to be open wide to the Christian faithful." (DV #22).

When people read and meditate on the Living Word of God, they enter into a deeper relationship with God. Through this active and personal relationship, their lives can become transformed.

As Divine Word Missionaries we promote the Biblical Apostolate in a range of ways:

  • We promote the respectful placement and the use of the Bible in Christian homes;
  • We train our students to pray the Bible, reflect on the Word and sing out in joyful songs;
  • Our SVD priests preach on the Bible readings;
  • We establish Bible study and sharing groups among lay people;
  • We form people to be teachers, ministers and promoters of the Word of God.